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guitar album releases TV Broadcasts & Live Shows for 2013

Gaby & Denys release iTunes 2013 album 'born'

Justin filmed for SABC 3 by Quizzical Pictures. The series "I Am A Work Of Art" starts 21 July 7 am DSTV channel 193 at 7:00 am Quizzical Pictures 2013

guitarclass for smart tv
Makes learning and looking at music scores very easy and way more fun.

Publishing music scores in Adobe interactive pdf both with audio / video file playback for SmartTV

Denys Geel Amazon Kindle Book

guitartv guitarplaying guitarcomposing guitarclass guitarchildren

PageRank Outside Waiting - Single by Denys Geel Born by Gaby & Denys denys geel
Gaby & Denys guitarchildren Gaby & Denys
Gaby and Denys
Outside Waiting guitarchildren Outside Waiting
Menuette guitarchildren Menuette
Prelude 4th Lute Suite Orchestrated guitarchildren Prelude 4th Lute Suite Orchestrated
Modigliani's Waltz demo guitarchildren Modigliani's Waltz demo
Baby finger Gymnasium demo guitarchildren Baby finger Gymnasium demo
violin concerto aminor guitarchildren violin concerto aminor
Ringtone Toccata guitarchildren Ringtone Toccata
prelude bwv 846 demo guitarchildren prelude bwv 846 demo
Prelude d min demo guitarchildren Prelude d min demo
Prelude d min orchestrated demo guitarchildren Prelude d min orchestrated demo
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